Smart and secure bike lockers


Parklet 4.0 with ten bike lockers has the size of one parking lot. With Narrow band IoT-technology our bike lockers have no need for on-site infrastructure.

Parklet 4.0 is lifted in place ready to use. Cyclists gain easy access through the Safebikely app.

Data driven

Reiceive complete overview of your locations from a portal. Get statistics and insights from user data. Use the data to adjust and optimize your investment.

Expand based on performance, and compare your locations in real time.


Expand to other locations based on statistics. We can adjust to your needs quickly with a short lead time. SafeBikely make bike lockers available for everyone. A cloud-based platform shows available lockers in realtime, and pre-booking makes your secure parking predictable.

Smart city

Secure bicycle parking is key to let people use their bikes to public transport hubs. Integrate SafeBikely to your public transport app system or services already in place.

Cyclists manage their bicycle parking from the app available on app store and google play. Adjust pricing and locations to your specific needs.