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It's all in your smart phone

1. Download the SafeBikely-app and register as a user. 

2. Find available bike lockers on the map near your destination.

The number on every location shows how many available lockers it is in real time.

You could also use the search-function in the top right corner to look up addresses and cities.. 

3. Press the wanted location.

This screen shows inforamtion about openinghours and prices. Please note if it says onetime-fee or price per hour. 

Example: This location costs Nok 10 per hour, after parking for two hours. 

4. Book

You automatically get 1 hour of advanced booking at the time of reservation. 

Please remember to cancel the reservation if you decide not to use it, this way others may get to park safely in stead.

5. Unlock the bike locker.

Use the slide-button while standing next to the assigned bike locker. 

The bike locker is open for 10 seconds after opening from the app. You can open the locker as many times you wish during the rental period. This way you can place your shopping bags while continuing your errands.

Press the arrow in the bottom right corner for directions.

6. Back your bike into the locker.

Some bikes can be longer than others - twist the stearing wheel to get the tire inside the frame. 

You are responsible to make the door closes properly. If any suspicion of tempering or problems, contact us via the app. 

7. End parking.

Remember to press END after finishing your rental period, to avoid extra parking fee's. After finishing your rental, you don't get acces to the same locker again, so remeber to pick your bike up before pressing END. You will find your receipts in the meny. 

When booking you are assigned, for safety reasons, a random bicycle locker so that you are not guaranteed to get the same bicycle locker again if you have forgotten something inside. 

8. Thank you for cycling! 

For help, questions or input, caontact us at, or send us a message in the SafeBikely-app. We're not perfect so we appreciate all feedback given, so that we can evolve in the right direction.