Privacy Policy

This state, provides information about Bikely’s policy on personal information in regards of using services from Bikely.
The privacy policy gives information on what personal data we gather, why we process your data and your rights related to the processing of personal data.

Bikely AS, VAT: 919 270 942

The general manager at Bikely AS is appointed Data Protection Officer on the processing of your personal user data information from Bikely.

Contact information

Address: Vikelvfaret 4, 7054 Ranheim


Telephone: +47 92421401

On questions regarding processing of your personal data or this privacy policy, please contact us on the above mentioned e-mail.

What personal data do we process, purpose and foundation.

Related to your use of Bikely services - Bikely AS will process your personal information for the following purposes:

  1. We process personal data necessary for payment and access to BikeLockers, when you are using Bikely. For this purpose we use Stripe to process your necessary personal data in order to complete payment for our services. Bikely AS does not store personal data about your credit card directly, and will only be permitted access to necessary data.

More information about the privacy policy and terms from Stripe can be found here: .

2) We also process necessary personal information to deliver our services when you have signed up to use Bikely on our app. We collect the following data:

  • Your name and contact information (e-mail, phone number) used to sign up on our app,
  • your parking reservations, including start- and end- time and start- and end locations.
  • Position of your phone when the app is active, in order to determine when you are approaching your location.
  • app version and the OS system of your cell phone for every log-in and -out from the app and on our website.
  • The language on your phone, so we can communicate with you on the same language.

The basis of processing your data for purpose 1) and 2) is solely to deliver and rundt SafeBikely in the best possible manner to your request, hereby to identify you as a user, and give you access to bike locker and other services in the Bikely app.

4) With your prior consent we can process your personal data and send you messages about our services, push notifications, marketing stunt, on SMS or with -email. For this we will process the following personal data:

  • Name, used to communicate with you.
  • E-mail address, used to message you.
  • Phone number when SMS is most suited for means of communication

5) We also fulfill our agreement with you by storing your user history so you can see where your need for bicycle parking has been the greatest. Storage of your user history applies for six months. Storing your user history exceeding six months requires your prior consent. We offer you an overview of the bike rides you have taken back in time. Your user history will provide us access to:

  • Your parkings, including start- and end time and start- and end location.
  • The position of the phone when the app is active, in order to determine when you are close to a station
  • version of our app and the OS system – for every bicycle pick-up, log- in and out in our app and website.

6) Bikely can also use your personal data as user history to improve the service, including system testing, quality improvement, troubleshooting and other necessary measures.

7) In order to comply with legal commitments enclosed or imposed upon us from the government, including accounting requirements, we also need to process your data necessary for this purpose.

8) In order to safeguard the rights of Bikely, including determine, enforce or defend a legal claim in regards to damaged bike lockers at your disposal, we can also process necessary personal data for this purpose.

Please note, that in order to fulfill our obligations in our agreement with you, we are dependent on receiving the information specified above, including credit card details and phone number. The consequences of not providing the requested information is that we are unable to fulfill the agreement with you.

Who can access your personal information

Internal access

Only employees who need your personal information in order to complete their work tasks will gain access. This is primarily employees related to customer service or the legal department. A limited number of employees have access to our entire customer regsiter. These restrictions are justified in securing the day to day management of our customer register.

External access

Bikely may disclose your personal information to third parties if there is a legal basis for disclosure. Bikely can for instance disclose personal data to public authorities to comply with statutory requirements or orders (eg tax authorities or the police), or to safeguard our rights in a discute with a user.

We also share aggregated and anonymized data about our users and how they use the service – which can not identify you as an individual user – for scientific- and statistical - purposes, projects and institutions, to the customer (district) and for the public eye.

Bikely use data tools to gather, store or in any other way process personal data on our behalf [e. g. related to our IT-systems, payment services like Stripe, e-mail lists, chat-services. etc]. Vendor relations are regulated by a data processing agreement, which also provide safe information security for your personal data.

[All personal data processing of our users are done within the EU/EEA-area].

Your rights

You have the right to demand insights, editing or deleting the personal data we have about you.

You may at any point in time demand access to any prior consents or information we have stored about you in your user profile, and you can yourself edit or delete data or withdraw prior consents. For questions about your rights or if you wish to exercise your rights please contact us at

You have the right to file a complaint about our privacy policy to your local authority.

You also have the right to ask us to transfer the personal data that you have provided to another data controller (data portability).

You may object to how we process data in terms of any direct marketing inquiries.

Storage of personal data

Storage of personal data

Bikely stores your personal information the necessary length of time to achieve the goals for which the personal data was gathered, as defined in this privacy policy. This includes that we store your personal data as long as you are a registered Bikely user.


When you have terminated your Bikely subscription and want to delete your profile, you will have to let us know and we will delete it within 30 days.

Please note that if you delete the Bikely app, we will still have your personal information stored for the time being for use of Bikely's services at a later date. Therefore, it is extremely important that you contact us at to ensure that all data is deleted.

Please note that when you delete your profile, we will have to continue storing some personal information related to the statutory requirements that we must fulfill, including requirements for continued storage in accordance with accounting legislation. This applies, among other things, to payment and transaction history, which Bikely is obliged to keep for up to 5 years under the Accounting Act.

How we protect your personal data

Bikely enhance the privacy of our users, and has implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures to protect your personal information from breaches of personal data security, unauthorized access to and disclosure of personal information, including:

  • Encrypted communication with and between our services.
  • Store data is encrypted, unavailable for our IT-subcontractors and only accessible to necessary employees.
  • All information about you is logged so that it is verifiable. Only employees and confidential subcontractors with necessary access acting on our behalf, can read your information.
  • Payment and debit card information is stored in secure PCI certified systems at our payment provider Stripe

Other Websites

On some occasions links on the Bikely website, or one or websites on other sites. By following these links, you leave our websites. These websites have their own privacy policies deciding how they are run, how data is gathered and processes. We recommend that you read all privacy policies of our third parties when you visit and use these websites.


Bikely will from time to time edit the privacy policy. The updated version of Bikely privacy policy will at any time be available in our app, on our websites, and we  vil til enhver tid være tilgjengelig i appen og på våre nettsider, og you are encouraged to visit this site from time to time to keep up to date with the current privacy statement.