Ann-Katrin has replaced the car with the bicycle - and has never regretted it for a second

Ann-Katrin Pedersen sold the car and bet everything on an everyday life as a cyclist. She is in her first winter with a bicycle as her primary means of getting around, and we have been lucky enough to hear her experiences.

"All in" on everyday cycling

 Ann-Katrin Pedersen from Trondheim has been a year-round cyclist since 2014. She lives 3 kilometers from the nearest grocery store and commutes a mile by bicycle every day all year round. Last year she sold the car and invested everything in the bicycle as the primary means of getting by in everyday life. This has led to some new everyday routines:

"It requires a bit more planning because I live outside the reach of Coop and Rema's home delivery service. I do bulk shopping once or twice a month, and otherwise I take food items that don't last very long in the rucksack, such as chocolate, milk and bread," says Ann-Katrin.

Ann-Katrin has never regretted that she sold the car, and sees great advantages in adapting everyday life to the bicycle as a means of getting around. She enjoys the opportunity to vary the daily cycle route to and from work – even if it often involves detours.

"The best thing is to get this on the forced trim daily, it does something positive for the mood," she says with a smile on her face.
Ann-Katrin on the bike. Photo: Ann-Katrin

Annual service is a minimum for winter cyclists

 With almost eight years of experience, Ann-Katrin has many good tips for what is required for winter cycling:

1.     Be sure to check out the tests the magazine Landevei has done to navigate the jungle of clothes and invest some money in good clothes and warm shoes.

2.     Spend some time and money on washing and maintenance. All the salting in the winter wears on the bike, so it's good that the bike is cleaned.

3.     After washing, it must be left in the heat to dry.

4.     The most important tip is to lubricate it well with oil to be able to withstand the salt soup you are exposed to on a daily basis.

5.     An annual service is a minimum of maintenance and if you get a noise then get it checked out, it can be expensive to ignore noises.

- Cold and road salt that wears down the bike are the two most important things to think about - and the money you save on cycling should be reinvested in annual maintenance.


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