Tips from a winter cyclist with 25 years of experience

We have spoken to the everyday heroes like winter bikes. In Oslo, strong growth in the proportion of cyclists is reported, but there are still very few people who cycle all year round. First up in the portrait series is Anne Helene Vedlog, who has been a year-round cyclist for 25 years.

Anne Helene lives in Oslo and has chosen the bicycle over the car for 25 years.

-         Cycle paths are often previously plowed. I don't have to stand in queues, take a crowded bus and avoid walking on poorly plowed pavements, she explains.

She is a keen cyclist who sees great advantages in the bicycle as a means of transport all year round. It helps that more than 120 kilometers of cycle paths are plowed throughout the winter half-year. As an experienced winter cyclist, Anne Helene has several good tips for those who want to ride winter bikes:

1.     Make sure the bike is equipped with studded tyres, lights or reflectors.

2.    Good and warm clothing with cover trousers, mittens with cover and hat.

3.    Adjust your speed according to the driver

Anne Helene was one of many cyclists who got a free bike check from Bikely. Here from Majorstuen T-bane in November.

Oslo municipality has several incentive schemes for winter cyclists, and this year companies can, among other things, apply for grants for their employees, so that they get studded tires on their bikes[1]. The journey to and from the workplace is one of the most frequent journeys made - and before choosing to cycle to work, there are several things to be aware of as a winter cyclist.

-         The cycle paths can be slippery, even if they are plowed - and often you also cycle on stretches outside the main cycle paths. Then it can be easy to slip, even with spikes, explains Anne Helene.

A couple of years ago the bike was replaced with an electric bike, and she has her own advice for winter electric cyclists.

–        The battery on the e-bike drains faster when the weather is cold!

By following the tips and advice of Anne Helene, you are well prepared for cycling in winter in Oslo!




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