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Bicycle locker as an art installation - first unveiling in Norway

Wednesday 22 December at 11 merges bicycle parking and art at Prinsen Kinosenter. Then Trond Åm unveils a currently secret work of art. Åm is a member of the area and transport committee in Trondheim and head of the House of Literature - cycling and culture. The artwork Utopia is a whopping 20.6 square meters and will adorn the 12 smart bicycle lockers that are now being deployed at the Prinsen cinema. American Erin Murphy has been given the task of decorating the boxes.


Package from the Environment Package

- An exciting chance to explore what drawing brings to a public space. Utopia reflects how nature and technology can work together through repeating patterns in nature, explains Murphy, who recently completed a master's degree at NTNU.
The artist Erin Murphy on the left and Ole-Vebjørn Bakken from the Environmental Package on the right.

The theme is apt for the collaboration between the technology company Bikely, the artist Erin Murphy and the Environmental Package The hope is that the artwork will get more people to cycle to and from the cinema.

- The aim is r that more people should open their eyes to safe bicycle parking when we combine smart bicycle lockers with art, says Ole Vebjørn Bakken in the Environment Package.

Safe lockers in four places

The Environment Package now has purchased a total of 39 bicycle lockers. They stand at Leütenhaven, Ørjaveita and Trondheim Spektrum in addition to the Prinsen cinema. Cyclists get access to safe parking via the app Bikely. The first four hours are always free. It is well suited for those who want to cycle to and from the cinema visit.

Trond Åm, a politician in the Liberal Party and general manager of Litteraturhuset, was responsible for the formal unveiling outside the cinema.
- We are proud that Cycling as art will first be unveiled outside Prinsen Kinosenter. Now the cinema-goers who ride bicycles can relax while they visit us, says Lisa Stølan Hagen at Prinsen Kino.

Technology and art against bicycle theft

In the last five years, 8,066 bicycle thefts have been reported in Trondheim . The bicycle thieves are efficient and rude, and the offenses are difficult to solve. Only 1.8% of the 1,893 reported bicycle thefts in 2020 have been solved.  

Art, technology and bicycle in interaction outside Prinsen Kino."10% of all journeys in Trondheim are a cycle trip (before corona)
6,000 bicycles to Midtbyen on a normal day
34 out of 1893 reported bicycle thefts in Trondheim in 2020 have been solved
39 bicycle lockers are now deployed by the Environmental Package
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Smart city / municipality

The success in Tonsberg Municipality

Tonsberg invests further in bike lockers - and they are well used!

Smart city / municipality

It is hard to find a safer bicycle parking

For a single crown, cyclists in Sandefjord get access to safe parking for a full 12 hours. It is Sykkelbyen Sandefjord that is behind the new offer with ten smart bicycle lockers deployed at the square in Sandefjord. And the cabinets - they will be opened by the mayor on 27 August.

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