Smart bike lockers

With a world leading technology platform for smart bicycle infrastructure and off-grid access management, Bikely unlocks new opportunities for
secure bicycle parking

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Cities with

80 000+


18 000


Main features

IoT locking system

With each door online, monitoring and remote access has never been easier.


Create uniqe cycling experiences and integrate bike lockers into existing apps or systems.

Battery driven

Lifted in place - ready to use. Gone are the days for on site infrastructure. Scale systems along with any ambitions.

Bikely app

Of course we have an app! And it's user friendly with easy onboarding. Secure bike parking has never been easier.

How people use Bikely®


Choose your location, book and gain access to your bike locker in the app.


Unlock via the app. Confirm by pressing the bike icon on the door and wait for a steady light.


Park your bike backwards and close the door!


When ending rental close the door and press end rental in the app.


Smart city / municipality

The success in Tonsberg Municipality

Tonsberg invests further in bike lockers - and they are well used!

Public transport

Why bicycle lockers are essential for the public transport hub of the future

Today, bike lockers from Bikely are deployed at both subway stations and other public transport hubs around Oslo and Viken county. E-cyclists and bicycle commuters are keen users, and testify that smart bicycle lockers are a natural part of the public transport hub of the future.

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