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It has never been easier to be a cyclist in Tromsø

Bicycle theft was a growing problem in Tromsø in 2020, and as a response, private and public actors are joining forces to offer the market's safest bicycle parking. Cyclists can now park safely and dry outside Jekta Kjøpesenter and Nerstranda Kjøpesenter. "Smart bike lockers mean one less worry for our cycling customers. That's why we're introducing Bikely to bike-loving Tromsøværing residents," says center manager Laila Myrvang at Jekta Storsenter.

Economic gain and sustainability go hand in hand

ektastorsenter and Tromsø Sentrum pave the way for a large-scale cycling investment in Norway's northernmost county. Jekta Storsenter is one of two actors that pave the way for cycling Tromsøværing residents in a unique private-public collaboration. The shopping center has invested in ten smart bicycle lockers deployed in the parking facility.

Bike theft a challenge for cyclists. We want more cyclists to Jekta, and therefore we as a shopping center take responsibility. More cyclists to the center have both financial and environmental benefits, explains Laila, who is looking forward to following the development among cyclists.

Now cyclists can reserve a dedicated bike via the app Bikely bike locker, park safely and charge your electric bike for NOK 10 an hour. The first class is free and administration and payment takes place in the app without any intermediaries. Jekta Storsenter is one of the largest Norwegian shopping centers and is located 15-20 minutes by bike from Tromsø Centre.

Jekta is an early adopter and sets the standard for the other large Norwegian shopping centres, says marketing manager EllenLoxley. From before, only the shopping center Sirkus in Trondheim has invested in smart bike lockers from Bikely.

In Tromsø there are a total of 20 bike lockers that will be deployed during June month. 10 bicycle lockers at Jekta Shopping Center and 10 bicycle lockers outside Nerstranda shopping centre. Cyclists can reserve a place and get price information via the app Bikely. Administration and payment takes place in the app without any intermediaries.

Sets the standard for bike-loving Tromsøværingers

In the city centre, it is Tromsø City Center led by Shilan Ghadani that has installed the second bicycle box at Nerstranda Kjøpesenter.

We welcome cyclists to the city center with the market's safest bicycle parking. We aim to expand to more locations, says manager of Tromsø Sentrum Shilan Ghadani.
Safe bicycle parking at Strandtorget in Tromsø.

Dedicated bicycle lockers that keep bicycles safe are a solid contribution to a vibrant and sustainable city centre. A report from Cowi shows that cyclists are the ones who, overall, put down the most money in city centres. Furthermore, research shows that the fear of bicycle theft causes 4 out of 10 to opt out of the bicycle as a means of transport. This, in combination with recent figures from Troms which show an increase in bicycle theft, suggests that the timing for safe bicycle parking could hardly be better. Both city centres, businesses and not least cyclists will benefit from this. For Bikely, the expansion to Tromsø is a milestone.

Bikely aims to simplify everyday life for all cyclists. It is therefore very gratifying that cyclists in Tromsø finally have the opportunity to park safely and dry, says Marketing Manager Ellen Loxley.  

Tromsø is the 16th municipality to deploy bicycle lockers - and so far also the northernmost. From before, the company is active in the three largest cities in Norway, and has operations in both the private and public sector from Tromsø in the north to Kristiansand in the south.


Smart city / municipality

The success in Tonsberg Municipality

Tonsberg invests further in bike lockers - and they are well used!

Smart city / municipality

It is hard to find a safer bicycle parking

For a single crown, cyclists in Sandefjord get access to safe parking for a full 12 hours. It is Sykkelbyen Sandefjord that is behind the new offer with ten smart bicycle lockers deployed at the square in Sandefjord. And the cabinets - they will be opened by the mayor on 27 August.

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