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Bikely Techexplained

When IoT and NarrowBand meet bicycle parking, you get the solution from Bikely. Does all this sound Greek to you? Fear not, here's a guide to the technology enabling the next generation of bike parking.

IoT — the Internet of Things

IoT is short for Internet of Things and is about the fact that all the things around us can be connected to the Internet. When things are connected to the internet, they can be connected, talk to each other and to their surroundings. This is what forms the basis for the bicycle parking solution from Bikely. With the motto "What you can't get data on, you can't improve", we have developed the next generation of bicycle parking!

By having sensors in the bicycle parking talk with the cyclist's mobile, you can develop a smart, wireless bicycle park. Previously, the sensors needed to be connected to the mains and the internet, but when the mobile technology NarrowBand became available in 2018, it became possible to develop bicycle lockers without infrastructure requirements. The mobile technology NB-IoT (NarrowBand Internet of Things) has better coverage and a much longer battery life compared to previous mobile technologies. The signals penetrate well through different types of material and are intended for sensors that have relatively few and small data transfers. The result is a flexible solution that can be deployed in open urban spaces where there is the greatest need for safe bicycle parking.

A new age for bicycle parking

The bike lockers from Bikely are made of solid steel, which requires minimal maintenance, has a long life and can be recycled. Bikely Parklet is a bicycle locker module that takes up as much space as a car park, but has 10 stalls for bicycles. Combined with a mobile app and NB-IoT, this offers unimaginable possibilities for the bicycle parking of the future.

Imagine that you wake up in the morning and go to the dentist. Maybe your mobile phone will ask you if you want to reserve bicycle parking. When you arrive at the dental centre, the bicycle locker is ready and waiting for you. You spend minimal time in bicycle parking, and in addition you don't have to worry about bicycle theft during your visit to the dentist.

This scenario is possible with our system. We at Bikely work every single day to pave the way for the bicycle parking of the future. It should be easier, smarter and safer to choose a bicycle as a means of transport — and in a short time our solution may be available to you.


Integrated solutions

This is how you can safely charge your electric bike at home

Charging electronic equipment is becoming increasingly frequent in everyday life. With a record number of e-bikes on the market, many Norwegians charge their e-bike batteries at home. By following these steps, the problem can be effectively prevented and managed.

Integrated solutions

Private bicycle locker for rent in Sentrum P-hus

For just NOK 199 a month, you get access to a private bicycle locker in Sentrum P-hus. Safe, dry and available via the app Bikely. It doesn't get any easier for you who cycle to and from.

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