Public transport

Public transport hubs – a natural place for long term secure bicycle parking.


Public transport

Public transport hubs – a natural place for long term secure bicycle parking.

Offer sustainable multimodal travels!

Increase the reach of train stations, bus stops and metro stations by offering smart and secure bicycle parking. Make the public transport travel sustainable by accommodating cycling as a part of the modal. 
Bikely at Stokke station
We believe that seamless multimodal travels are the future, that’s why Bikely provides possibilities of integration with your public transport app to ease the journey of your commuters. 

The modern user expects a seamless user experience in a digitalized world. Make every bicycle trip to the station easier by combining our technology with your existing solutions. Don’t worry about maintenance and operations - our service agreements take care of that.

Battery driven

The bike lockers can be placed on site, ready to use without connection to wifi or power supply.

Easy to expand

We use a module-based system which is easy to expand based on usage and ambitions.

Easy to integrate

Get better user experience with integrated bike lockers in your digital value chain.

Data driven insights

Access to data driven, digital insights and user statistics is included

Opportunity outline


New bicycle parking for Moss Sentrum

Moss municipality welcomes cyclists back with the market's safest bicycle parking. Ten smart bike lockers will open during August and the big innovation is that each cyclist will be assigned a dedicated locker via an app.

Tips from a winter cyclist with 25 years of experience

We have spoken to the everyday heroes like winter bikes. In Oslo, strong growth in the proportion of cyclists is reported, but there are still very few people who cycle all year round. First up in the portrait series is Anne Helene Vedlog, who has been a year-round cyclist for 25 years.

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